Wests to Argentina

Dear Praying Friends,

The sleepy days of summer are upon us. The rainy spring is past and the warm dry weather makes the corn grow so fast you can almost hear it. Driving through the Midwest reminds us of God’s provision of rain, soil and produce to feed, clothe and fuel our fellowman — just as David describes in the Psalms…

We have been so blessed by God these couple of years — our safety, our schedule, our supply and our van that just keeps on going. We continue to look forward to the days that lie ahead. Thank you, thank you for standing with us in prayer as we serve our mighty Savior.

In His Service,
Dave and Patti West

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Flooding at Camp Paysandu, Part 2

The Uruguay river did not rise high enough to stop the teen camp this past week. It continued to rise during the week but by the end of the week there was still 20 inches of buffer before it rose into the lowest two cabins. Meanwhile, some youth professed faith in Christ!







GMSA Family Gathering in Chile

Recently the GMSA missionary families in Chile met for their winter gathering (in July!).



Pastor’s Fellowship

GMSA missionaries are privileged to work alongside pastors in a pastor’s fellowship in each country where the Lord of the harvest has called us. In Chile, there are a great number of pastors who shepherd earlier GMSA church plants or granddaughter churches. You can see many of these works on our ministry map. Recently, missionary David Flinck participated in a meeting of a number of the pastors in the northern region of Chile. Following are some pictures.


Pastor Wilfredo Rodriguez in Ovalle.


Pastor Héctor Meneses in Alto Hospicio.


Pastor Víctor Beñaldo in San Juan, Coquimbo.


Pastor Raúl Javia in Vallenar.


Pastor Santiago Lépez in San Martín, Coquimbo.


Pastor Guillermo Soto in Copiapó.


Pastors Alberto Gonzalez and Pastor Heriberto Moreno were not in attendance at the meeting.


Antofagasta Missionary House Update

From David and Kristi Flinck: The missionary house in Antofagasta has recently experienced some improvements. Words and photos can’t communicate enough how grateful we are a recent donation by a family in Ohio to advance these projects. All of these projects make our home and church ministry more beautiful and useful for the ministry. More advances are planned so that the church work can go forward. Stay tuned!


A ceiling projector mount.


Closing in some openings between to the guest bedroom for additional quiet and privacy.


Fixes to loose stairs.

2chy5iieAnd a new sink and faucet, among other helpful improvements.



Flooding at Camp Paysandu

Teen Camp is scheduled to start today here at the UCB Camp in Paysandu, Uruguay. If the Uruguay River continues at its current rate of rise, we’ll need to clear out the lowest cabin by afternoon. By evening we’ll need to clear the lodge. The good news is that the weather is sunny and nice as of 8:30am this morning local time. Pray that the ministry of the Word will go on despite the flooding.

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2014 Annual General Meetings

We were grateful for the Lord’s leading in council and board meetings for the mission. Most of those who attended the meetings are pictured in the first photo. The second photo shows one of the evening testimony and preaching meetings.




Burkholder Update

Dan and Marg Burkholder write in their May/June 2014 update,

“We will soon be six months into our new assignment with the Gospel Mission of South America (GMSA). God has opened doors, and given us good contacts. Our itinerary is filling with opportunities firming up for the fall and winter. We are encouraged and blessed. In May we were at Gladstone Baptist, Mt. Salem Christian School, and Eastwood Baptist (St. Thomas); in June we will be at Calvary Bible (Smiths Falls) and Goshen Baptist (Tillsonburg); in July, Hartford, and Islington Baptist Churches; in August, Hepworth Baptist, and in September, Berean Baptist (London). Please pray for us (2 Thess. 3:1).”



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