Goossen Prayer Update

Tim and Cristina Goossen recently sent an update to their prayer supporters that shows the kind of local church work going on in their corner of Argentina. For instance:

  • One of their church members was promoted to glory after a battle with cancer.
  • The church made use of Friend Day and Children’s Day to reach out to the community.
  • Some physical ailments have affected their family and ministry.
  • The Saturday teen class is focusing on God’s purpose for their lives.
  • Opportunities to help others with the gospel abound.
  • Intercessory prayer is always needed.


Along with the Goossen family, we rely on the Lord to propel their church forward. Please pray with us!


Proto Update from Uruguay

Mariano and Becky Proto write in their September 14 newsletter: We praise the Lord for the opportunity to begin Bible Institute classes again this year at church. It was a matter of prayer to be able to continue the Bible Training with some of the people who were a part of our mini Bible Institute last year. It was a wonderful surprise and blessing to have 9 students enrolled. I (Mariano) am teaching Evangelism and Bro. Sergio is teaching Doctrines I & II.

It has been a blessing to teach Evangelism because it pushes each of us (myself included) to continue to focus and keep the
main thing the main thing. The necessity to share with others The Gospel, and as well fulfill the great commission. One of the assignments I gave to the class was to hand out 5 tracts per week and write a paper explaining conversations that they
made. It has been good to see them make the effort and stretch themselves to overcome fear and skepticism they might have. Please continue to pray for our folks here in Fray Bentos. (Eph. 4:12).


College and Career Retreat in Uruguay

Pastor Felipe from Salto is teaching the meetings with young people from a number of churches in Uruguay. Please pray for their growth in the faith of our Lord Jesus.



Wests to Argentina

Dave and Patti West report from the road: “It is hard to believe how fast the months run behind you. August was here and gone before we knew it, but we had a full month of gratifying ministry and we trust that we encouraged others to 1) take to the task of discipleship, and to 2) consider partnering with us as we seek to disciple those future ministry leaders in Argentina.

“Praises: Great safety in our travels, vehicle repair done by a church member at Twin City Baptist in Marinette, weekly support sufficient to meet needs, special gifts from our home church and sending church to help us with the costs of the missions trip, and a new supporter.

“Prayer requests: Continued safety on the road, fruit in our meetings with the churches, ministry partners, filling out of the schedule for next spring and a couple of empty spots in November.”



Big Moment for the Morrells

James and Donelle Morrell and their family are heading to Argentina in a couple of weeks for their first term of service. They write:

“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.” Eph. 3:20,21 Praise God! He has provided the support that we need to go to Argentina! That being said, our days are now filled with preparations for departure. We are busy packing, giving away or selling our possessions that we are not taking with us, renovating an apartment to rent, and trying to visit with friends and family. Meanwhile, our coworkers in Argentina are looking for a place for us to live and making other preparations for us to enter the country and begin the process to establish our residency. Please pray for us as we make preparations that God would make our path straight and give us wisdom to manage our time and relationships for His glory.



Pastor’s Conference in El Molle

In August, Chilean pastors and missionaries met for a conference in the northern Chile camp of El Molle. Photos are courtesy of missionary David Flinck. Also in attendance were missionaries Terry Thompson and Dan Thompson.





Thompson Update from Chile

Dan and Liz Thompson write, “Our winter months here on camp tend to be our “down” months where we do preparation work for the spring retreats, clean-up jobs when weather permits, and devote extra time to the churches and Bible Institute. August this year has filled up with travel plans…to install a new modular house at another camp, for a retreat to train and encourage, and for a pastors conference. Please pray for safety as we travel and for our family. In between travels, we continue with the camp ministry preparation and the work in the Bible Institute and churches. We thank the Lord that His grace is sufficient and that He provides the strength needed to do what He calls us to do.”



Wests to Argentina

Dear Praying Friends,

The sleepy days of summer are upon us. The rainy spring is past and the warm dry weather makes the corn grow so fast you can almost hear it. Driving through the Midwest reminds us of God’s provision of rain, soil and produce to feed, clothe and fuel our fellowman — just as David describes in the Psalms…

We have been so blessed by God these couple of years — our safety, our schedule, our supply and our van that just keeps on going. We continue to look forward to the days that lie ahead. Thank you, thank you for standing with us in prayer as we serve our mighty Savior.

In His Service,
Dave and Patti West

Click through to the Wests’ homepage for more information on their ministry.


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