Short Term Ministry in Uruguay

We want to wish a hearty welcome to Stephen Golden, who travels on Monday to Uruguay for eight months of ministry. Please pray for Stephen and what God has for him.


Part of Stephen’s testimony is this: “God’s grace is very evident in my life and I cannot thank Him enough for what He has done for me. I am thankful for the grace in which I stand and for the opportunity I have to serve Christ with my life.”


Marriage Retreat in Paysandu

Please pray for a marriage retreat in Paysandu, Uruguay that started yesterday, for the leaders, teachers, and for the couples that are present. Pray for stronger Christian families to come out of the retreat.



Some GMSA History in a Picture

Former GMSA missionary Everett Young kindly sent a recent photo of the “three Vallette brothers,” grandsons of GMSA founder William Strong.  In the 1960’s, Ron & Debbie and Rich & Sally began ministry in Chile. Fred & Sherry arrived in 1971.  All three brothers were born in Chile to Ernesto Vallette and Agnes Strong.  Mr. Strong left his mark on these men and they, in turn, left their mark on our lives.



Progress at Chivilcoy Camp

The main building enjoys a new set of gates in the back.


The “safety shutters” are another addition.


Here are two shots of the steel chimney pipe being lowered into the masonry chimney. As soon as it was in and secured, we built a nice fire to see how the fan system works.  It works fabulously. Stay tuned for a picture that shows the fireplace insert in operation!



We appreciate your prayers as the camp development work continues.


Uruguay Bible College Team


These gentlemen are seeking to establish a school for training Christian workers in Uruguay. Thank you for praying for them as they work to achieve this great endeavor for the sake of the gospel in South America.


GMSA U.S. Board at the Annual General Meeting

The U.S. Board of GMSA met last week at “The Fort” – the Fort Lauderdale, FL international headquarters of the mission.


Pictured from left to right are Bob Wanner, Eric Watson, Terry Thompson, Matt Postiff, Bill Hixson, Raul Villalba, Bill Muller, and Bob Philbrick.

These men were meeting as part of the larger annual general meeting of the mission which is held annually in June. They were joined by several missionaries, field leadership, and missionary appointees for the week of meetings, prayer, Bible study, and fellowship.


Gualeguaychu Work Team

This work team is just now building a car port for one of our missionaries. This will protect their vehicle from hail, an all-too-frequent occurrence in their part of Argentina. Bus drivers were on strike, but that did not stop the work team from traveling from the airport to the work site!

h1uvzzucYou might wonder why we post about GMSA work teams. First, because they are important to advance the work in South America in many different ways, whether it is in camp construction, assisting a missionary as in this situation, building a church, or remodeling a parsonage. Second, participating in a short term work teams is a great way to get to know your missionaries and the field, to learn about another culture, and to stretch your horizons for the Lord. Even if you are not a preacher, you can help the missionary endeavor! And third, showing these kinds of pictures is easier than showing how a missionary’s work over the years results in the growth of individual souls in the Christian faith, not to mention confidentiality issues in posting people’s individually identifiable pictures online.


Uruguay Men’s Retreat

Below is a photo of the men’s retreat taking place right now in Uruguay. Join us in praying for a very profitable time of fellowship and study of God’s Word.