Argentine Missionaries Meeting

A week ago, the missionaries on the Argentine field met for fellowship. Here are some pictures!

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GMSA South American Ministry Logos

We have collected a few logos for the ministries that GMSA started or partners with in South America.

The churches in each country (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay) are part of a fellowship called the “Union de Centros Biblicos” which is abbreviated UCB. This translates a little better into English this way: “Association of Bible Centers,” which is in fact an association of local churches. The churches and GMSA together support Bible Institutes and Christian camps. Below you will find some logos representing a few of these ministries.

If you happen to have a logo for the other Institutes or camps, we would love to receive copies of those here in the U.S. Let us know by private message! Thanks for reading, and thanks for praying!


In Focus: Paul & Sharon Acheson

Rev. Paul and Sharon Acheson are a part of the GMSA family in the UK. Pastor Acheson serves on the council there. He has shared with us a testimony based on Titus 2:14. Read more here.


Work Trip: U.K. to Argentina

U.K. General Secretary Nigel Kissick sent us information about their planned work trip from the U.K. to Argentina in the spring of 2018. Please contact Nigel at the U.K. Home Office if you want to sign up to help this worthy project.


Land for a Church in Villa Regina

Argentine pastor Ricardo Daglio has sent some information about how the Lord has blessed their church plant with a small piece of property. Recently an offering was made that permitted them to begin purchasing the property. With a couple of more payments, they will complete the paperwork and be able to start planning to build a church building. Their goal is to quickly put up a phase 1 structure so that they can stop paying rent in their current location. Then, they can continue to expand the new building.

Above shows an aerial view of the land. Google Earth took the picture more than a year ago, so much has changed since then. A street now is open across the land as you can see in the next pictures. To the left is north.

This picture was taken from the north, looking down the new street.

This picture is from the south, one block away from the main street in the prior picture.

This picture is looking straight at the property from the new street. You can see the two approximate edges of the plot. There is a bottle to the left and a stone to the right. This is about 40 ft wide and 91 ft deep (under 1/10th of an acre).

There are houses and stores being built in the area right now, so the church will be surrounded by people. Please pray with us for the work to progress, not just on the building, but on the souls of people.


UCB Camp in Argentina

Missionary Tom Gibbons  created this video which shows the development of Camp UCB in Chivilcoy, Argentina over the past decade or so. Recently the camp hosted its first large group which was a men’s retreat. More work is planned. Presently underway is another cabin which is needed to accommodate more guests.


Annual General Meeting 2017

Please pray for the meetings today through Wednesday as the General Council and U.S. boards meet to consider mission business and pray for the work in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay.


Duarte Family Update June 2017

Every Saturday evening we have the joy to meet with the teens. Most of them come from unsaved homes and it is encouraging to see their interest to learn and grow. Please pray for changed lives and lasting fruit.

THANK YOU Youth Group from Grace Baptist Church (Chariton, IA) for raising the funds to buy a ping-pong table for our church. COMPETITION IS ON!!!!

Believers continue to take discipleship courses and grow in Him. What an encouragement! We are very GRATEFUL for your faithful prayers and financial support for our ministry and family as we serve Him in this needy land.

We give thanks to God always for you all, making mention of you in our prayers; remembering without ceasing your work of faith, and labour of love… (1 Thess. 1:2)

We praise the Lord for a young couple from our church who is planning to do an internship in Fray Bentos. Gabriel is a Senior at FEBU and will graduate in December. We appreciate your prayers for them: Valeria, his wife, is expecting a baby due in October, and Gabriel’s mom passed away very suddenly this week, so the family is going through hard times.
Missionaries Bob and Nadia Vallette moved last week to help in the ministry until December. We are grateful for their service.

This semester Sergio has been teaching Pastoral Theology in addition to fulfilling his new leadership responsibilities. We also had the joy of having a group of students come to Fray Bentos and serve for a weekend. What a blessing!!!

For the past four years, FEBU has been meeting in a couple of classrooms a church in Montevideo has graciously let us use. The lack of dormitories has also been an obstacle to overcome. We believe in the importance of training the students not just academically, but also mentoring them in other areas of life and ministry.

The project consists of an adequate building for both classrooms and dormitories. We are trusting in the Lord for His provision. Our goal is to have this building up and running in 2018.

Thank you for letting us be an extension of your ministry,
Sergio, Andrea, Patricia, Martin, and Melanie Duarte


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