The New Southern Sentinel

Print editions of all kinds of literature have served the reader well for hundreds of years. But as the digital revolution has advanced with online publication of all sorts of material, paper copies have lost favor. Recognizing this, we have decided to publish the Southern Sentinel in a blog format. We are excited about the new format and how it will help us keep our readers up to date on the mission and missions work generally. The blog format does not require a limited publication frequency, so mission news can be distributed in a more “real time” fashion.

We trust that this will be a help to you, our readers. We commit the whole endeavor to the care of God. Amen.


Chivilcoy Fire

On October 9, the camp caretaker’s house at Chivilcoy camp caught fire. A propane gas heater was on in a bedroom,  apparently malfunctioned, and caused a fire in the area of the closet.  No one was in the house, for which we are very thankful to the Lord. Smoke damage was catastrophic in the entire house.

Smoke damage at Camp Chivilcoy


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