Chivilcoy Church Building Program, Take 5

As you can see from the pictures below, there has been a beautiful transformation in our church auditorium since our last update!  Thank you for praying with us about the construction of the permanent church building in Chivilcoy.  A generous donor gave the rock that is around the baptistery and the front of the platform.




Chivilcoy Church Building Program, Take 4

What a blessing to see the church building filled with the church!



Chivilcoy Church Building Program, Take 3

Thanks to the hard work of the church and some folks from the U.S. donating their time and skills, the meeting space at the church in Chivilcoy has been transformed from this:


to this:


And from this:


to this:


In addition to thanking the Lord for this progress, please pray for the success of work teams leaving the U.S. on October 2, intending to serve all month in an effort to develop two Bible camps.


Chivilcoy Church Building Program, Take 2

Here are some pictures of the first Sunday in the “new” auditorium.  They are working hard on stuccos, with just the wall behind the pulpit remaining.  Praise the Lord for His provision!!  We’re praying for what’s needed for labor and glue to lay the floor.  The church family is very enthused!

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Chivilcoy Church Building Program

The walls came tumbling down! These temporary walls have been home to our church family for the last 10 years. Today they were taken down to reveal the larger room that has been being worked on around this one – that will hopefully soon be the finished new auditorium.

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Short Term Ministry in Uruguay

We want to wish a hearty welcome to Stephen Golden, who travels on Monday to Uruguay for eight months of ministry. Please pray for Stephen and what God has for him.


Part of Stephen’s testimony is this: “God’s grace is very evident in my life and I cannot thank Him enough for what He has done for me. I am thankful for the grace in which I stand and for the opportunity I have to serve Christ with my life.”


Marriage Retreat in Paysandu

Please pray for a marriage retreat in Paysandu, Uruguay that started yesterday, for the leaders, teachers, and for the couples that are present. Pray for stronger Christian families to come out of the retreat.



Some GMSA History in a Picture

Former GMSA missionary Everett Young kindly sent a recent photo of the “three Vallette brothers,” grandsons of GMSA founder William Strong.  In the 1960’s, Ron & Debbie and Rich & Sally began ministry in Chile. Fred & Sherry arrived in 1971.  All three brothers were born in Chile to Ernesto Vallette and Agnes Strong.  Mr. Strong left his mark on these men and they, in turn, left their mark on our lives.