Thankful for Short Term Workers

BJU students Katie Albert and Rebecca Williams traveled to Argentina last night for a short term service with missionaries Tom and Debbie Gibbons. Please pray for their safe travels, language acquisition, open doors to witness for the Lord, and the Lord’s leading in future missionary service. Thank you Katie and Rebecca for your service to the Lord and His people!



Chivilcoy Camp Up and Running!

Good Morning Senders,

We thank the Lord for His faithfulness in providing for this moment that many of you have been praying for for a long time. Starting today we will be having our very first retreat at camp! Our men’s retreat will commence at noon Thursday and last till after lunch on Saturday. We normally have a small group of men when we have rented other facilities, but the excitement of having it at our own facility has greatly increased that number. We are now looking at the possibility of about 100! We have bunk beds constructed and packed into the cabins for 72. We also have an over flow area that people can sleep on the floor (with mattresses) that could hod possibly another 20. The men in Chivilcoy have agreed to stay in their own homes to make room for those coming from a greater distance. We thank the Lord for this “difficulty” that He has sent us!

Another difficulty that we have to deal with is the great amount of rain that we have received over the past several weeks. We have had to construct a temporary bridge to get from the cabin to the main building where we have our chapel and dining area. Although we have had a lot of rain, we praise the Lord that the work has progressed and we are still on target to be ready for tomorrow’s arrival of over a hundred!

Please pray for continued preparations for the men’s retreat. Please pray for changed lives as a result.

That is all for now…it is time to get to work!

Resting in Christ,

James and Donelle Morrell
Psalm 91:1 “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”


More Work at Camp Chivilcoy

Missionary James Morrell sent some photos showing the most recent work team – from the Morrell’s sending church in Maine – who have advanced the finishing touches on the new cabin anticipating the May 25-27 men’s retreat.

Hats off to those who scrub floors after stucco workers have been tracking on them for months!


On the Ground in Argentina

The Marshalls are in Argentina! They ask prayer for…

1.     Our Paperwork Process:  as soon as we arrive to Argentina, we will have 90 days (maximum on our passport) to get several important documents translated and approved by Argentina government officials.  Please pray for a smooth process so that our family would be able to obtain permanent residency status in the future.

2.     Our Family Adjustments:  leaving the USA and our family and friends will no doubt be an emotional struggle for us, but it will be just as difficult to adjust to living in a new language and culture.  Please keep all our family in prayer as we acclimate ourselves to a new lifestyle, both physically and emotionally.

3.     Our Health and Safety:  Please pray for travel safety, for good health, and for patience and wisdom in caring for Eliana.

And they praise God for…

1.     His Ongoing Provision:  although we have already reached the 100% support mark, God continues to provide through the generosity of other people and churches.  We thank God for meeting both our current monetary needs and some of our future needs as well!

2.     His Church Body:  it is an incredible blessing to have received SO much love, encouragement, and support from God’s people!  We not only thank all of you who fit that category, but we praise God for His promised care to us through your lives.

3.     His Word:  you know, in the midst of the chaotic changes that have happened in our family the past few months, one thing has been constant to guide us through all of it…God’s Word!  We praise God for giving us the Bible, which is unchanging and sufficient for all of life’s situations.


Lukewarm Christianity?

Missionaries Dathan and Allison Marshall challenge us with these words:

What is ‘lukewarm’ Christianity?  One simple definition for the term ‘lukewarm’ is someone who is neither hot or cold about their faith.  This term is used in Revelation 3:15-16 to describe those who call themselves ‘Christians’, yet though they give themselves that title, they are just drifting along in life, perhaps not investing much time with God at all (indifference), or attending church only when it is convenient, or maybe they have even lost a zeal or desire for spiritual growth.  Many people who call themselves ‘Christians’ claim to have faith in Jesus Christ, yet they do not (or only if convenient) study God’s Word, do not grow in their faith, do not live different than the world, do not passionately pursue doing what is right, etc.

The truth is that being ‘lukewarm’ is the most comfortable, most convenient, and the safest form of living in our own minds, which is why it takes a deeper faith to trust and follow Jesus Christ to a passionate life for Him.  Have you reached a point of complacency and spiritual apathy in your life?  Are you struggling to follow and live for Jesus, which is vastly different than the world around us?  Here are 3 simple practices to help boost your Christian faith and ‘turn on the hot water’ in your life:

  1. Daily pray, and study the Word of God (return and restore your relationship with God)
  2. Directly impact someone’s life around you (put your heart and soul into others; you might learn something, too!)
  3. Declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world around you (a true Christian desires to tell others about Jesus, no matter the cost, and refuses to ‘blend in’ with the world).

Following these three simple steps will help you ‘get off the fence’ in your Christianity, and will reignite a passion for righteous living, not sinfulness, and definitely not anywhere in between!


Thanks Work Team from Clinton, Maine!

The Clinton, Maine work crew traveled home a few days ago. They advanced the new cabin and the Sunday School classrooms at the local Chivilcoy Church. Thanks team! Do come again!

Please also pray for another new team that arrived shortly thereafter to complete the readiness of the new cabin for the May 25-27 men’s retreat.  The time is growing near for that retreat!


Easter Outreach in Carmelo, Uruguay

This picture is from Easter Sunday 2017 in Carmelo, Uruguay. The team members are from Uruguay, Argentina and Canada. They conducted a special evangelistic outreach this past weekend. Please join us in prayer for fruit of souls added to the church!


Thank you, Work Team from Moscow, Maine!

Missionary James Morrell reports from Chivilcoy, Argentina: Here are some pictures of the team from Moscow, Maine. We are finishing up the interior ceilings, installing the ceiling around the cabin complex, and finishing beds. This team is full of workers from dawn till dusk! The Maine volunteers are joined by Diego and Bill.

We are thankful that these preparations are underway to be ready for the May men’s retreat.


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