Short Term Trips

Studies tell us that nearly all full-time missionaries determined if the missionary life was for them by going on one or more short-term ministry trips. At GMSA, we believe short-term trips are a great way for prospective missionaries to assess the great opportunities that await them.

Open doors and a lack of workers sufficient to bring in a waiting harvest were the impetus for creation of GMSA’s Training In Missions (TIM) program.

Training In Missions is designed primarily for students in Bible schools, Christian colleges or seminaries who are willing to take an year from their studies for practical and satisfying ministry on the Mission Field. This program can also be beneficial for graduates desiring additional preparation in missions. TIM generally runs from September 1 through April 30.

TIM is constructed like many on-the-job training programs. Participants not only observe missions in action but also get actively involved in the tasks being done under the direction of experienced missionaries.

Candidates for the TIM program should possess a wholehearted devotion to Jesus Christ as LORD. The program involves hard work, and much of it is menial in nature. Activities are as varied as secretarial functions, construction, maintenance, and camp work; participation in Bible Institute sessions, youth programs, VBS, evangelism, music, etc. The TIM program participant must exhibit a willingness to take direction and work under the missionary host.

TIM students will be traveling and seeing new and strange things but will not be going as “tourists.” There are tasks to be done, and they may include hardship, sickness, and a tired body.

Some students go to ARGENTINA — Known for its World Cup Soccer teams and prize beef, Argentina has a people and culture of European and Latin origin. Greater Buenos Aires, the capital city, has a population of 12 million. Spiritism is strong and growing.

Some students go to CHILE — A land of 14 million people nestled between the south Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains, Chile’s climate varies from extreme desert to rain forest. Its people are of diverse ethnic origins, primarily native Indians and Europeans. Many islanders remain unreached.

Some students go to URUGUAY — Extensive grazing land provides for cattle and sheep. Reforestation is progressing in this small Atlantic republic of European decent (including many Russians). Uruguay’s 4 million people are largely indifferent to the Gospel. Evangelical church growth has been very slow — a challenge to missionaries.

If you are interested in TIM, check out the brochure and the application form (on the right). More detailed information may also be requested by contacting us.

TIM requires the applicant to have a round-trip air ticket to and from the assigned field and assurance of $450.00 per month (per person) for living and travel expenses while on the field. These requirements are necessary to secure a tourist visa and satisfy the foreign government that the applicant will not become a liability.

Can’t go for eight months? One or two month “short-term missions” trips may be scheduled. These shorter trips provide limited exposure and training. Two years is the limit for “short-term” ministry. We strongly encourage full time “career” applicants who are serious about world missions to join GMSA.

To the Lord’s request of, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Isaiah responded, “…Here am I; send me.” We welcome your response to world missions today.

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If you are interested in GMSA’s Training In Missions program, please complete the online application form.

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