TIM – Training in Missions Internship Program

“Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” Matt. 4:19

Studies show that most full-time missionaries became convinced of God’s calling after one or more short-term missions trips. We believe short-term missions are an excellent way for prospective missionaries to assess the great opportunities that await them.

Why TIM?

  • EXPLORE God’s calling on your life
  • EXPERIENCE daily missionary living
  • DEVELOP a burden for spiritually lost people
  • GROW spiritually
  • GAIN a new perspective about missions

TIM Mindset

We view the TIM internships as on-the-job training. You’ll observe missions in action and be mentored by experienced missionaries. You are not coming as a tourist, but to work hard and serve selflessly! We expect you to be wholeheartedly devoted to Jesus Christ. Ministries could include music, secretarial, IT, construction, maintenance, camp, Bible Institute, youth programs, VBS, evangelism, teaching MKs, and more. As you desire to serve, learn, grow and be stretched, you can count on the faithfulness of the Lord who said, “…lo I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” With this spirit, your TIM experience will be fruitful, rewarding, and meaningful!

“This experience takes what you may already know about cross-cultural ministries and fleshes it out in tangible, everyday situations through the heart and hands.  It authenticates your responsibility in missions back home; amplifies the realities of cross-cultural ministry; provides occasions to visit new missionaries, meet national believers, and be immersed in a new culture; equips you to pray for specific needs in missions; exposes your own cultural biases and misconceptions; places you outside of your comfort zone; allows you to encourage missionaries by your presence and participation; and offers hands-on involvement in evangelism and Gospel growth.  It may very well spark the desire to return to the mission field and serve full-time.”  Jansen Lorch, 2018 TIM intern to Chile

TIM Opportunities

The TIM Internship Program provides life-changing experiences through authentic Great Commission living and ministry. You’ll be exposed to the challenges of serving Christ where language, people, culture, food, and values are totally new to you.

  • Choose any time frame – come for two weeks or two years!
  • Be stationary or mobile – stay on one field or visit all three!
  • Fulfill college degree requirements.
  • Engage with missionaries and nationals in church planting, camping ministry and leadership training.
  • Develop your Spanish language skills.
  • Build life-long relationships with missionaries and nationals.

“Before visiting Chile with GMSA, I was part of short-term teams to both Costa Rica and Guatemala. Most recently, I helped translate for a team of students during their short-term ministry in Bolivia. The first time that I travelled overseas, I was in high school and just beginning to explore the possibility of full-time cross-cultural ministry. Growing up in small town Ontario, I wondered how I would handle learning a second language or adapting to another culture. However, as I began to learn Spanish and feel more confident navigating bus stations and open-air markets, God used these short-term experiences to reconfirm His leading into full-time missions. A short-term work trip to Chile in March 2016 was my introduction to the ministry of Gospel Mission of South America, and I returned the following January to serve as summer camp nurse in the south. God continued to open doors to serve in Chile, and I later spent six months serving in children’s ministry in a GMSA church plant in the northern Atacama Desert. My short-term experiences gave me an invaluable introduction to the Spanish language and the Chilean culture, but they also gave me a front row seat to see the way that God is at work in the countries of Latin America. ”  Emily Freeland, GMSA Missionary Appointee to Chile

TIM Costs

You will need to purchase a round-trip ticket to your destination. You will also need to raise monthly support to cover room & board and travel within your host country. Additional funds will be necessary for international travel should you visit other GMSA fields, and for personal spending money.

How do I Apply?

  1. PRELIMINARY QUESTIONNAIRE  Fill out the preliminary questionnaire and we will be in contact with you shortly.

  2. SHORT-TERM MISSIONS APPLICATION  Once we approve your questionnaire, we will send you a link to the application.

  3. TIM INTERNSHIP PLACEMENT  Upon acceptance, we will coordinate your TIM internship with field leadership and you’ll be on your way to purchasing your ticket.

  4. FINAL PREPARATION  Pray and share your plans with family, friends, and especially your home church.


Known for its World Cup Soccer teams and prize beef, Argentina has a culture and people of European and Latin origin. Buenos Aires and its surrounding suburbs have a combined population of 15 million, over a third of the country’s 43.5 million total. Roman Catholicism is the state religion, mixed with spiritism and growing secularism.


A land of nearly 18 million people nestled between the south Pacifica Ocean and the Andes Mountains, Chile’s climate varies from extreme desert to rain forest. Its people are of diverse ethnic origins, primarily native Indians and Europeans. Like Argentina, Roman Catholicism is strong, and secularism is on the increase.


Roughly the size of Florida, USA, Uruguay is home to 3.4 million people of mostly European decent. The tiny Atlantic nation is considered the least religious country in South America, with a staggering 47% claiming atheism or secularism. Indifference to the Gospel and slow evangelical church growth has left Uruguay tagged as the “graveyard of missionaries”.

Your Response?

To the Lord’s question, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Isaiah responded, “…Here am I; send me.” We welcome your response to world missions today. Please also see our frequently asked questions page. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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