Sidewalk Progress

Thank you for your prayers.  This last week was cloudy, some rain (mud) and frost on Saturday morning when we poured the sidewalk.  During the week we flagged down a passing backhoe/operator and he helped us trench electric conduit for a half hour.  Grateful for hydraulics versus pick & shovel!

I believe that all the students, teachers and staff are virus free right now.  Thanking God for good health!

With help from local church volunteers, our Los Angeles (Chile) coworkers dried-in a second house on the plot of land which they purchased to provide housing.  Carol and I continue to pray for our housing as we anticipate working together in this new church planting ministry. 

This week, Carol will attend a ladies gathering at the Lican Bible camp.  We anticipate our daughter Kristi and her family visiting us from the far north of Chile for this event and some days at the Bible college campus site.  


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