Posted on February 18, 2014 by admin

Spiritual Green Areas

According to the World Health Organization, there should be 97 square feet of “green areas” (think parks) per person in a city. Antofagasta, Chile averages about 25 square feet of “green areas” per person. Let’s just say that our city is severely lacking parks and green areas to enjoy.


On the spiritual side, Antofagasta is severely lacking local churches that teach and model sound doctrine and that spiritually shepherd the “flock”. It is an arid spiritual landscape where little to no drops of spiritual water fall to produce green growing plants able to withstand the fierce rays of the sun of daily life. It is a landscape where “wolves” manipulate and spiritually strangle the sheep.

With each passing week, I meet new people who have been spiritually hurt by the “Prosperity Gospel” and dictator pastors and church leadership. These people are tired. Tired of being spiritually burned once again. Tired of trusting spiritual leadership. Tired of being spiritually tired.

Oh, Lord, may we trust You to build Your Church in this dusty desert city of decadence. May a growing and committed group of Christ followers covenant together to hold Your Word high, teach Your Word clearly, and live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the middle of this city and culture that clamors for temporary comfort in vices and idols.


We covet your prayers for the church planting ministry in Antofagasta!

David & Kristi Flinck
Church Planting in Antofagasta, Chile