Survey Visits

Visit a Mission Field

Survey trips provide a great opportunity to personally witness Great Commission ministry in a brief period of time. Visitors are hosted by missionaries, visit multiple ministry locations, attend church services, see camps and Bible Institutes, are faced with manifold opportunities, and come home excited about Christ building His Church in South America.

If you’re a pastor, missions committee member, interested Christian or specifically seeking God’s direction for a field of service and a Mission to work with, prayerfully consider a survey trip with GMSA to Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, or all three fields of service. You never know what the outcome may be!

In 2009 I was pastoring a church that supported a couple serving with GMSA in Uruguay. In a communique from the Mission, I received an invitation to accompany a group of pastors on a survey trip to visit ministries in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. I had never had this kind of opportunity before and was exceedingly pleased that our church was willing to send me down to visit our missionaries.

In September of that year I had the privilege of seeing the church plants, camps and Bible institutes where GMSA missionaries ministered. While I was impressed with the work that was being done in these three countries, I was particularly taken with the Bible institute ministries. I had always appreciated the training that I received heading into the pastorate and so my heart was burdened for this specific ministry. I returned to the States greatly enriched by the experience and, unbeknownst to me, carrying a seed in my heart that would bear fruit two years later.

We are currently serving as missionaries to Argentina in the process of developing the program and curriculum for a college of ministry. I often think back on the importance of that visit in 2009. It was more than an eye-opening experience; it was a life changing one. Had I not gone to South America, I might never have thought to seek the Lord’s will in that direction. One never really knows how the Lord is going to use such things to make an impact on one’s life. I would, without hesitation, recommend a visit to the field to any pastor or student interested in missions. It will certainly change your appreciation of missions and might even change your direction in ministry as well.
David West