Take Heart; It is I

Just telling someone not to be afraid usually doesn’t work—you really need to give them a good reason. In the middle of a storm, Jesus walked across the water to his disciples and told them not to be afraid, because he was there with them: “Be of good cheer: it is I; be not afraid” (Mark 6:50). Then he climbed into their boat and calmed the storm. Looking ahead to a new year filled with uncertainties could make us worry, but since Jesus is always with us (Matt 28:20), we can take heart and not be afraid.

This past month we turned in all our paperwork and got our pictures and fingerprints taken for our new ID cards. We look forward to having those cards in hand and praising God for seeing us through this three and a half year process. We enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with our teammates, the Flincks, and another missionary couple from the United States. It was great to get together and thank God for his many blessings.

The weather is warming up quickly, with hot sun beating down during the day and the nights not quite as cool and breezy—summer is around the corner! The school year finished up with graduations, field trips, and parties, and now it’s summer vacation until March! December hits a little differently in the southern hemisphere.

This past month we’ve been able to visit with many of our church families and singles, encourage them to follow Christ, and study the Bible together with them. We’re thankful for these opportunities and we pray regularly for their spiritual growth. We’ve also had many visitors—believers and unbelievers—come to our services. We’re thankful for gospel opportunities and we pray for God to work in hearts and lives. We appreciate your continued prayers for us and for the Iglesia Berea here in Antofagasta. May God continue advancing his gospel to the ends of the earth in 2023 and may we be faithful making disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ until he returns.

Thank God With Us:

For his grace in allowing us to advance in the process of acquiring our permanent residency.

For his grace in allowing us to return safely to Chile.

For his grace in the spiritual growth of our church and for many new visitors and gospel opportunities.

Pray to God With Us:

For his grace as we embark on a new year.

For his grace as we seek to make disciples of Jesus here in Antofagasta.

For his grace as we look to the future of our ministry in Antofagasta and beyond in 2023.


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