Posted on November 19, 2019 by Matt Postiff

Thankful in Argentina

David and Patti West write in their November update:

Dear Friends,

“I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.” Philippians 1:3

We are thankful to God for each and every one of you.  We are thankful for your continuing interest in our ministry, for your continued prayer for us, and for our thoughts and remembrances of you.

In this month of “Thanksgiving” we realize that we have been endowed with many blessings.  Even in our time of difficulties (we all have them), we can be thankful for so much.

Dave is still in the recovery stage of his Bell’s Palsy, and continues to have some issues.  We are thankful that it is a temporary condition, he is regaining movement, he can speak understandably, and he no longer has the pain that was associated with it for the first few weeks.

We are a long way from our family, but are thankful that our family is growing.  We are expecting our first grandchild at the beginning of the new year. 

We are still waiting on our immigration paperwork.  Our temporary residency expired in the middle of August, but we have done all that we can.  For now, we wait and pray.  We are thankful for God’s perfect timing.  Because of the paperwork not coming through, we had to cancel our plans and flights to Chile.  Dave was going to go to a pastor/missionary conference while Patti and Michael were going to visit friends.  With that change in plans, Patti was able to attend our ladies’ retreat here in Argentina. Last Minute Update: We were notified today (11/15) that the paper we have been waiting on has been obtained from the government.  We are not sure if we will be able to apply it to our application from August, or if we will need to start a new application, but we are excited to have it and to now be able to proceed toward our temporary residency renewal.

We are thankful for the big group that came to work at the campground in October.  There were people from a few different States, and it was fun to see how they worked together and became a team.  Dave and Michael worked with them each day at the campground, and Patti went out about half of the days.  So much was accomplished and we are so grateful for them.  If you are interested in coming down with a work team, please let us know.  Dave was privileged to preach in English on two Sundays to the work team, and that was refreshing for him.

Dave has been doing quite a bit of teaching and preaching.  It is amazing how much more work is involved in those activities when you are in a different language and culture.  First, he needs to work on his lesson or sermon in English.  That takes quite a few hours and much thought and prayer.  Then, he has to write it out, trying to think of the Spanish way of saying things.  Next, he translates it and checks for correct grammar, sayings, order, etc.  After that, a man from our church looks at it, works on it, and discusses the translation with Dave.  After that is complete, he practices, practices, practices.  One difficulty is that in all his years of preaching, he has never used a manuscript.  With being in a different language, he needs to read what he has written.  Lately, he has been able to go “off his notes” for just a bit, but mostly sticks to the reading.  Please pray for him that this process will get more natural.  We are thankful for this great opportunity to serve the Lord.

We are thankful for opportunities to visit with our supporters.  It is a delight to talk and visit in person, whether far (via computer) or near (in Argentina).  We would love to be able to chat.  Feel free to contact us to set up a time to connect with you or your church.