Posted on August 6, 2019 by Matt Postiff

The Joy and Burden of Missionary Work

Pastor Ricardo Daglio reports from Villa Regina, Argentina:

This photo was taken Sunday July 28 in Junín de los Andes. What a joy to meet with these believers. From our home, they are 6 hours away by car (about 300 miles).

The following Monday, a couple contacted me. They live 600 miles away (11 hours by car) in the city of La Punta, San Luis. About eight people gather every Sunday in a home, and they are looking for a sound church. There are no missionaries of sound doctrine around. This “outpost” is similar to Junín. I have a deep burden for all of this.

From joy, to burden, and back to joy: the beautiful testimony of a young lady.

This girl’s name is Priscilla, she’s 10 years old. She lives 62 miles from our church of Villa Regina. Her parents come every Sunday to attend and soon they will be members of our congregation. Priscilla is in her third consecutive year reading the Bible completely. Her example is encouraging for those who know her. Personally, as a pastor, it is a genuine joy since I also visit them every other week to have Bible studies in their home where an average of 10 people gather. We pray that Priscilla’s example will motivate other parents to continue raising their children in the fear of the Lord. Pray for Ezequiel and Romina that they will continue faithfully following the Lord along with their three children.

Could you help in this needy area of Argentina to bring the good news of salvation and teaching of God’s Word? Pray with Pastor Daglio and the believers there for help. May God raise up those laborers, whether from near or far.