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The Rat Race that Leads to Destruction

By Missionary David Flinck

1 Timothy 6:10a says that “…the love of money is the root of all evil.”

Here in Antofagasta, we are seeing this Biblical truth fleshed out every day. Our Antofagasta “region” in Chile (like a state in the US) has one of the highest salaries for both men and women. The chart below shows the difference of average salaries in the different Chilean regions. Many Chileans (and others from surrounding countries) are moving to Antofagasta to work and “$ get rich quick“.

In dollars, an average male in Antofagasta receives $1,322 per month. An average female receives $775 per month. While these figures ARE some of the best salaries in Chile, the money does not solve the problems that people have…if fact, more money only magnifies and accelerates problems toward destruction.

  • Marriages suffer.
  • Families are torn apart.
  • Kids are left to themselves, because both parents are working.
  • Drugs, sex, and alcohol are bought and consumed quickly and often. New and “hip” products are purchased without thinking of financial stewardship.
  • 85% of Chileans in this city are in major debt (even though they have a good job).
  • They may be driving a new car and wearing the latest and best clothing brands, but their lives are rotting internally.
  • The general stress level in this city is HIGH, because it’s a “working city” (think: Rat Race).
  • People pour all their effort into trying to succeed financially, but in doing so, they are failing miserably in the things that really matter… specifically “losing their souls”. (Matthew 16:25-26)

What is the answer to all of the above? Christ and the Gospel.

Please continue to pray for our family and ministry in this needy city. People need the Lord. We desire to introduce people to Him and help them focus and set their affections on things “above and eternal” instead of “below and temporal.” (Matthew 6:24-34)

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