To Our Gospel Partners

As we think back over the past six months of visiting our teammates—both churches and individuals, we can’t stop thanking God for the incredible partnership in the gospel you have clearly displayed. It may seem like a small thing, but you not only are brothers and sisters in Christ, you are teammates with us in the advance of the gospel in northern Chile. We regularly pray for you, that God will continue his work in your hearts and lives, glorifying himself as he makes you more like Jesus.

Although we came to the United States to share with you how the gospel is going forward in Antofagasta, we rejoiced to see that the gospel is changing hearts and lives here—in Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Arkansas, Tennessee, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. This only strengthens our conviction that each of our lives exists to serve Jesus Christ and make him known—true, when we leave this life, we will be with Jesus, but that just means every moment he leaves us here is one more opportunity to make disciples of everyone we meet.

As we return to Chile, we pray for you, our dear brothers and sisters in Christ in the United States, that you would stand firm in the Lord, working together in joyful and Christ-honoring unity. As Christians, we should be known for our meek and humble spirits as we wait for Jesus to return. We should not be worried and frantic as we observe the evil around us, but instead entrust everything to God in prayer and then rest peacefully in his sovereignty. Our minds, hearts, and conversations should be overflowing with good and God-honoring things as we pursue knowing and following Jesus.

We are thankful for the hospitality and financial gifts we have received over the past six months. It’s not like we were begging, because God has given us everything we need and more, including the strength to do everything he has set before us. But your kindness has touched us: not only have you partnered with us in prayer and gospel teamwork, but you also assumed our financial and physical needs as your own, just as you have done faithfully for the past seven years. Ultimately, those were sacrificial gifts offered to God, and we know that He is pleased and will continue to faithfully meet your needs as well. To God be the glory forever!

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you. We appreciate your prayers on our behalf.

Thank God With Us:

For his grace in safety over thousands of miles of travel to churches.

For his grace in the reception of our supporting churches over these past six months.

Pray To God With Us:

For his grace as we make final preparations to return to Antofagasta October 20.

For his grace in physical and emotional health.

For his grace in our “re-entry” to life in Chile.

While exhausting, it has been a blessing to share what God is doing in Antofagasta with seventeen partner churches here in the United States. It’s been exciting to see how God has used our Chilean brothers and sisters to encourage believers here.
We had the opportunity to represent the Gospel Mission of South America at Bob Jones University, along with our general director, Tom Gibbons, and his wife, Debbie. It was exciting to talk with young people about making disciples in South America and to meet up with many friends.

We were able to spend two days exploring our nation’s capital together as we headed south from Ohio en route to Florida. (As you would expect if you know us, we logged over 25,000 steps each day, walking all over the city and riding the Metro.)

God continues to work in the hearts and lives of our Chilean brothers and sisters. This past Lord’s Day, a believer testified publicly that he is a disciple of Jesus Christ through the ordinance of water baptism.

God graciously allowed us to delay our return to Chile by two weeks for some much-needed rest, and then generously provided through his people a lovely, quiet place to stay.


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