Posted on July 1, 2018 by Matt Postiff

Under the Southern Cross June 2018

Curtis and Diane Steward sent an update on progress in the church in Coquimbo, Chile.

On a Sunday evening in May, Curtis and his faithful young elder, Dixon, were discussing possibilities for a future home for our group of believers in Punta Mira. It’s not easy to find property in the area, let alone something adequate for a church, but after keeping their eyes open for months, they’d seen a place that might work. “Shouldn’t we tell the congregation about this?” Dixon suggested anxiously. “Let’s wait until we have a little more information about it,” Curtis said.

What Dixon knew—but Curtis hadn’t yet heard (because of a phone glitch)—was that the owners of the rental house where the church had met for three years had just asked for their property back…immediately! Dixon passed the night in a panic, wondering where the church could move to—and why he didn’t seem to have as much faith as Pastor Curtis!😊 He was somewhat relieved the next morning when his pastor went into action after learning of the situation from the mother-church leaders.

That week we asked for prayer all over the country while Curtis and Dixon checked out possible solutions. By Saturday night, they had a verbal agreement with a lady who really wanted to sell her place but was willing to rent for only $10/monthly more than we had already been paying. A house twice as big—only a couple of blocks from our previous rental—on Portugal Avenue, one of the neighborhood’s principal streets—and in less than a week! Almost less time than it takes to tell the story.

While the ladies packed up dishes and Sunday School materials, the men got to work transforming a narrow breezeway into an enclosed meeting room. Eduardo, a carpenter, was laid off from his job that week and dedicated all his time to preparing the new church building. Cristian, an electrician, installed lights. Curt did welding on the doors, gates, and fences. Dixon was the jack-of-all-trades and Nelson became their gofer. They deserved the celebration fish fry!

The miracle move took place just a couple of weeks later. On June 3, the Punta Mira Bible Center’s first service was held at the new location, followed by the Lord’s Table and a winter picnic in the (much bigger) yard. Praise the Lord for our new church quarters and please continue to pray for an adequate permanent “home”, in the area, at a price we can afford.

Thank you also for praying about: an evangelistic outreach for children, July 7, with plans to begin a regular Saturday club soon; our first couples’ meeting, July 8; and the need for steady work for many in the congregation.

Curtis and Diane Steward