Students graduating from WSBS holding their certificates

Update from Terry & Carol Thompson

Students graduating from WSBS holding their certificates

 And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things! Romans 10:15 

 Carol and I continue to keep the advance of the Gospel as our highest priority in life and ministry. The Lord has graciously sustained us as we have endeavored to follow His leading. 

In November, five graduates completed the four year Bible college program at the new campus in Pumalal. Lord willing, Carol and I will be working with one of these five, Eduardo and his wife Estefani, in Los Ángeles (Chile). 

Our other coworkers, the Pedraza family of four, are making good progress building two houses (theirs and another for Eduardo and Estefani). We continue to help them make preparations. 

The Bible college campus lacks its own electric transformer as the breakers kick-out every morning and evening when dorm students are showering and running hair dryers. We hope to see this installed before the new school year starts in March 2023. 

The hilly campus needs a zero turn, walk-behind industrial mower for maintenance purposes. Tractors roll-over on steep slopes. They are too dangerous for the staff and students to use when mowing the fields. 

Our Mission has decided to purchase a house in Los Ángeles (Chile) for our housing which will facilitate holding meetings to begin teaching God’s Word. Do make this a matter of prayer in the next three months. Thank you! 

Please Pray:

God’s enabling to help establsih a local church in Los Ángeles (Chile).

For our effective preaching/teaching of God’s Word in every open door.

For Souls to be saved. - God is thus glorified and the saints rejoice.

For two of our children and their families serving the Lord Jesus Christ in Chile.

For son Dan and family now serving God in Uruguay.

For additional prayer partners to intercede for us before the Lord of the Harvest.

What’s Ahead?

The first week of January our Mission plans to celebrate 100 years of Gospel ministry in South America. God’s

faithfulness is written across Chile, Argentina and Uruguay wherever He has enabled His servants to establish churches, Bible colleges and Christ-centered Bible camps. How we praise Him! 

In 2023 we anticipate helping establish a local church in Los Angeles (Chile), a city of two hundred thousand souls. We have accepted this assignment believing it is God’s will and therefore we are expecting Him to do great things for His name sake as we teach and preach His Word. 


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