Posted on November 22, 2014 by admin

Update from Wests Heading to Argentina

David and Patti West write: Our travels and experiences on deputation have been wide and varied. This past October will be remembered fondly as one of our best months. At the end of September we traveled to Florida from Iowa to participate in a mission conference in Lady Lake. We had a thoroughly enjoyable time with the folks at Tri-County Baptist Church. We also had the privilege of speaking at the anniversary service of another familiar church in Palm Harbor.

The highlight of our trip south, however, was a trip to Argentina. Mike, Steve and I (Dave) flew to Buenos Aires. After spending time with Colby and Lesa Holmes in Ezeiza, we traveled to Chivilcoy to spend time with Tom and Debbie Gibbons. We were joined by a work crew a few days later, and we worked on the camp for the next week and a half. This was the first time for Mike and Steve to visit Argentina and it will be exciting to see how the Lord will use this experience in their lives for the future.

Our recent prayer initiative was to have 100 people partner with us to pray daily that we would receive 50% of our support by February. We have had 25 join us in this effort, and we are half-way to that goal! Would you be willing to commit to this initiative? If so, please let us know.