Posted on May 18, 2018 by Matt Postiff

Upgrades at Pirque Camp, May 2018 Edition

Missionary Dan Vallette reports about updates and improvements at Camp Pirque, near Santiago, Chile:

Some equipment in the kitchen was replaced with new, updated (and safer) equipment.  A new oven, stove top and soup burner replaced the old equipment. A beautiful new four-door refrigerator and another small chest freezer were also added to make life in the kitchen easier.  A kitchen remodel is on “The List” but right now there are more pressing needs.

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The main project is the renovation of the storage building (into bathrooms/shower facilities & guest housing/office/nurses station, etc.). This project has been amazing. The old roof was carefully removed so that it could be reused. The few parts of the roof that were not reused as roofing have been recycled in other areas. Some of the wood is now part of the patio entrance to what will be the camp office. Much of the podium area of the upcoming church plant is also made of recycled wood. This same wood also provides shade for the hexagon bench swings. There is still much to be done. We are hoping to have the bottom area with the bathrooms and showers up & running for a pastor’s conference in October.

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