Posted on December 7, 2012 by admin

Using RSS to Follow the Southern Sentinel

Short version: If you already use an RSS feed reader to follow blogs, subscribe to the new here: Southern Sentinel feed.

Long version: If you don’t know what I mean by what I just said, let me explain. A blog is sort of like an online journal or newspaper, with new entries or articles that are published every so often. What you are reading right now is a blog entry. It is also called a “post.” Instead of publishing a newsletter that has seven articles every quarter, we can post a new blog entry every day, or once per week, or however frequently we want.

Supposing that you are interested in keeping up on what is going on in GMSA, you would want to check back to the blog periodically to see what new information is available. But that can be quite labor intensive, especially if you are interested in following many blogs and they all change potentially every day.

Enter a thing called RSS. It stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a summary of the new articles that have been posted on the blog. You then use an RSS-capable reader which consults the blogs that you are interested and determines if there are any new articles. If there are, it alerts you to that fact so you can quickly go to read whichever ones you are interested in.

So, you first need to have an RSS reader. You can use Windows Live Mail as your feed reader, so you may have it already. On that page, lick on the link “To add an RSS feed” and it will give you instructions. Use the following text as the web address for the RSS feed:  .

I use the RSS reader built into Mozilla Thunderbird. You can use Google Reader. There are lots of other readers available.

We trust you will be edified by the content of the Southern Sentinel Blog.