Posted on April 28, 2020 by Matt Postiff

UTSC March 2020: We Are (Still) the Church

Diane Steward reports on behalf of Curtis and herself from Chile:

In mid-March, when I did the preliminary layout for this newsletter, I had a completely different title and a somewhat different idea of where I’d head with the letter. Our Chilean summer was ending, and we were on a roll to start the year’s activities. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on ministry never even entered my mind. Today, desired or not, it’s front-and-center world news. After March 15, our church has pretty much functioned online and via our WhatsApp loops (like many of yours, no doubt).

Curt and the men of our leadership team had chosen the theme, “Don’t just go to church, BE the church” for this year. Little did anyone realize just how much we’d have to put this into immediate practice! A group of young couples had also just initiated a church multimedia ministry which quickly prepared to upload our prerecorded services to Facebook and YouTube. The Lord knew, though we didn’t, what we needed to have in place.

Some of you may remember our friend, Helen Prado, who suffered a
stroke on Christmas morning and went to home to heaven on New Year’s
Eve. I had the privilege of presenting her amazing life story at the memorial
service during our missionary conference in Argentina.

Prayer Requests

  • For encouragement and blessing in ongoing ministries online and over the phone.
  • For the situation worldwide, that we’ll all be able to return to a normal routine soon. Though we do our best under the circumstances, nothing replaces personal contact.
  • For wisdom in decisions regarding our local Bible institute. Classes were slated to begin in April. Now…?
  • For a speedy solution to Curtis’s health issues.
  • For a flight for our daughter. She planned to visit in Chile this summer for dental and paperwork.

Editor’s note: UTSC stands for “Under the Southern Cross,” which is the title the Stewards give to their newsletter.