Posted on August 27, 2021 by Matt Postiff

Vallette Family Summer 2021 Ministry

Thank you for your prayers this summer. It’s been a great summer full of ministry opportunities for the whole family.

Regarding our return to Chile it is still uncertain. There are still restrictions in place that make travel back to Chile a challenge. After 4 months of closed borders, now they have entered a new stage called “protected” border. Some of the changes include a mandatory 10 day hotel stay (it used to be 5 days) with a penalty of $65,000 dollar fine for leaving the quarantine room.  If vaccinated there is still a 10 day mandatory house stay.  There are surprise visits and test being conducted during those first 10 days of quarantine.  We are waiting on Dan’s passport renewal and Becca’s visa stamped to go back to Chile.

In the city of Santiago, slowly the city seems to be moving to be more open from the COVID lock-downs. This new “openness” has allowed workers to travel form one area of the city to another without restrictions. We are thankful for some progress at the Pirque Bible Camp in Chile during this last two weeks.  There has been some advancements in some of the projects that were not finished last year.  Below you can find some of the pictures that show some of the progress.

Once again thankful for your prayers.  There are some decisions that we need to make in the near future regarding our travel plans and trust in the Lord’s timing.

Serving Him,

Dan & Becca Vallette