Posted on May 13, 2019 by Matt Postiff

Vallette Update: Faithful Co-Workers

Often, we are project oriented, showing the progress on the new building, a snazzy World Cup worthy soccer field, etc. This time we would like to tell you about a family with whom we work very closely: Ivan & Nikol.

Several years ago, Ivan and Nikol met during a youth camp at Pirque.  As they completed their studies and their relationship grew, they continued to pray about serving the Lord full time at camp Pirque near Santiago, Chile. They were married in 2008. While waiting for God’s direction and timing, they served faithfully in a new church plant with the Rea family.

In 2012 they went to serve full time at camp in Lican Ray along with their daughter Anais. They served with missionaries Dan & Liz Thompson. While living at camp, they saw first hand what full-time camp ministry looked like. In 2014, the doors were opened to return to Santiago and work at Pirque. Ivan also began to work on a degree in Biblical studies at the Bible Institute in Santiago.

A modular home was put together for them and with Anais, they moved to Pirque in 2014. Ivan commuted to the Bible Institute by bus and metro for the first two years. They also returned to the church where they had previously served and continued to serve faithfully.  Ivan completed Bible Institute in 2018.

One of our prayer requests in heading to Chile almost four years ago was that we would “click” with our co-workers.  Ivan and Nikol were already living at camp. We would live in the city about 45 minutes away. How would this work?  We were confident that God was leading us to work at Pirque. God worked out all these details. We certainly “clicked,” and find it a joy to work with Ivan & Nikol.  Talents and gifts balance, personalities balance, and the desire to see lives change and the camp move forward by God’s grace binds us together. We are thankful for Ivan & Nikol’s influence in the lives of our children as well.

Ivan & Nikol and their growing family have been invited to visit a camp in Canada for several weeks beginning the end of July 2019.  What a great opportunity for them! We are excited for them.

Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support.

Serving Him,
Dan & Becca Vallette