Posted on January 31, 2017 by admin

Wests Dunked into Language School

Dear Beloved Prayer Partners,

What encouragement it brings to us to know that you care about us and pray for us.  When we are going through a particularly difficult stretch we are helped tremendously at the thought of your ministry of prayer and support on our behalf.

We have been here in Texas now for a little over three weeks. We have settled into our new living quarters and have everything set up. We have begun getting to know the other missionaries in the language school as well as the college students who come from all over Latin America. We have had three weeks of classes with the first one being mostly introductions and just getting acquainted with the semester’s coming attractions. The last two weeks have been all about the process of learning to speak Spanish. The method of learning Spanish at the Rio Grande Bible College is called “immersion.”

Webster defines immersion thus: “To sink or push (something) briefly into or as if into a liquid.”

In the list of synonyms and related words, such terms as douse, dunk, submerge, drench and drown are used. Let me highlight one of those words – DROWN! We have had a few moments in these past couple of weeks when we were not sure if we were being “dunked” or “drowned.” The difference sometimes seems minimal. Our grammar class is half in Spanish and half in English. Phonetics lab and Conversation class are mostly Spanish (some English in lab). Our tutor time is “no English.” Chapel and Church services on Sunday are also in Spanish. It is wonderful, it is delightful, it is challenging and, at times, it is frightening! But it is the perfect environment to learn Spanish.

We are so glad we are here. It is basically the last thing we do before we head to Argentina (as long as the rest of our full support comes in this year). As we go through the challenges here, we remember your prayers for us and we are encouraged. We love you and count our partnership with you a great privilege and blessing. As you pray for us we also pray for you, that you would know the presence of God in your lives and ministry. We pray that you would see fruit in your labors for Him and that He would bless you.

Your Fellowservants,
Dave and Patti West