Posted on July 11, 2019 by Matt Postiff

Wests in Argentina: July 2019

Teaching at men’s dinner.

July.  Independence. 

The words “July” and “Independence” seem to just go together.  In the United States, we celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July.  In Argentina, we celebrate the Día de la Independencia on the 9th of July.  Independence, a quality that we all crave.  A quality of which we all are proud.  Independence.

However, independence can be contrary to our personal lives as believers.  Though it is a blessing of God to live in a country where independence is honored, is it the best way to live our personal lives as Christians? 

Dependence.  We are dependent upon God for our every breath, for meeting our needs, for giving grace, for showing mercy, for providing salvation to name just a few ways in which we are dependent upon Him.

Interdependence.  We are interdependent upon others, namely Christians/believers, for encouragement, edification, prayer support, moral support, teaching, instructing, and mentoring/discipling, for example.

Independence is good in its place.  Dependence upon God is irrefutable. Interdependence upon each other is invaluable.  All three qualities are important to our lives, here on earth, and beyond this life, with God.

We are thankful to God for the way in which He deals with us.  He is gentle when gentleness is needed, and He is firm when firmness is needed.  We are thankful for the way He provides, guides, directs and is with us each step of the way.

Independence.  Dependence.  Interdependence.  All three are important in their individual ways and in their individual applications.  Today, are you independent, dependent and interdependent in the ways that are appropriate for you?

We are thankful to you, and to others of the family of God, for your walking beside us.  We are thankful for your prayer and moral support, as well as for the financial support of you who help in that way.  Please continue to pray for us.  Please feel free to email us also.

Please continue to pray for our language acquisition, the annual renewal of our temporary residency status, and for students to enroll in the college for the start date of March 2021.

Dependent upon Him, and resting in Him,
Dave, Patti and Michael West

Dave’s first night teaching the young adults.
Michael investing in other MKs.
Fifth Sunday fellowship at church following a time of testimonies and favorite songs.