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Wests into 2016

Missionaries David and Patti West write:

Dear Partners in the Argentina Ministry,

It is hard to believe that another year has fallen into the rearview mirror. So many miles, so many people and what wonders the Lord has shown us. How we thank the Lord for the opportunities we had in 2015 to spread the word about the ministry of training nationals in Argentina and the Cone of South America. It was a privilege, as well, to challenge the Church from coast to coast to reacquaint itself with the Great Commission mandate to plant churches and train believers. 2015 also revealed God’s grace and pleasure as we saw the increase in our support and the meeting of  important needs. We praise the Lord for thousands of miles of safe travel, good health, shelter, clothing and food in the cupboard. The Lord has left us with no needs unmet. There was also significant progress in the development of the school program with a prospectus, preliminary core curriculum and a rough draft of the Student Learning Outcomes for the five academic emphases.

We look to 2016 to be not only a continuation of the same, but also a year of great strides forward towards Argentina. The Lord willing, we will see another jump in our support as the result of your prayers (starting with a church that took us on for financial support in December!).  We are also anticipating being in language school in the fall. The program for the future school of ministry should undergo much more refinement with the input of other professionals, pastors and missionaries on the field. With one cabin (read dorm!) nearing completion, we look forward to hearing of the second cabin’s initiation. Last year’s infusion of funds and the new camp director on the field have added significantly to the work on the campus in Chivilcoy. One of the highlights of 2016 will come right away as Patti and I are scheduled to attend the 2016 annual conference for the missionaries in Paysandú, Uruguay. Les Ollila and Doug McLachlan will be the speakers for the conference. So, yes, we are very excited in our anticipation of the God’s good hand upon us and the GMSA.

As we wind down the year we want to express our deepest appreciation for your continuing partnership and interest in our ministry. The Lord has used you to encourage us, to support us and to stand with us as we make progress towards getting to Argentina. We look forward to seeing how the Lord will answer your prayers in the coming year.

Thank you for your ministry of prayer!
Dave & Patti West