Posted on February 1, 2021 by Matt Postiff

Wests on the Move!

Dave, Patti & Michael in October

Editor’s note: This update was from a few weeks ago. However, it still documents relevant information for the West family and their leadership training ministry.

The coming of the Son of God was the beginning of the fulfillment to establish God’s Kingdom on earth. In Christ Jesus, the King had come. Though He was rejected by His people, He has only departed for a season and now awaits the moment of His return. In the interim, the Church is tasked with recruiting future citizens for that Kingdom as we preach the Gospel to every people and nation on earth. We have an awesome and wonderful work to do. He is not only the reason for the season, He is the reason for our mission and all that we do!

What a year 2020 was. I believe that it will be quite some time before we realize all the consequences of the Covid-19 and its impact on our world. What started out as a two-week check on our activities nine months ago has turned into a global lifestyle shift.

At the same time, the Lord has been at work in the world and in each of our lives. We have seen the explosion of the Gospel’s presence on the internet with even the smallest churches and other ministries maintaining a ministry footprint in cyberspace. Because of the separations created by social distancing, I believe a greater hunger for fellowship has grown among believers. It is amazing to discover all the things that we took for granted ten months ago. It is important to remember that nothing can stop the work of God. Jesus promised that His church would be built. Rather than witnessing the demise of the church through the measures of the pandemic, we are experiencing the continuation of the ministry and a wise and creative response to its challenging effects. What an amazing God we serve. What grace He pours out on His people!

On the residency front, we are pleased to say that the offices that handle the processing have opened finally. Patti and I had an appointment the first week in November. However, about halfway to Buenos Aires the timing belt on our vehicle broke and we had to be towed back to Chivilcoy. Almost immediately, we were given a new appointment. On Thanksgiving Day, we had our application serviced, and we are now waiting on documentation from the Ministry of Religion to complete the application. This is great news! As you may remember, our son Michael had an appointment at immigration to continue his processing for his temporary residency. That appointment was a no-go as the offices were not open for service to the public at that time. This has been a months’ long saga and we are still waiting for his next appointment to be scheduled.

Our move to Temperley in Buenos Aires in January means we said “good-bye” to our beloved Mission home in Chivilcoy, where we have lived for two and half years, before this move to the big city. We will then have a little less than three months to get everything ready for the start of the Bible institute on March 22. It is an exciting, though challenging, time as we anticipate many things from the Lord as He takes us forward. I will be teaching the Panorama of the Old Testament class. There is still some uncertainty as to whether these classes will be done on-line or in the classroom (maybe a combination of both). The government is hinting that protocols may be re-imposed with an anticipated surge in cases in the Fall, which begins in March. We will see. We must be ready for any contingency. Flexibility and adaptation are a constant need for missionary work.

On the home front, we have enjoyed two great milestones in our family. Our youngest son Stephen was married on December 5th to his bride Samantha. They are currently living in Minnesota. Our first (and only) granddaughter Riley turned 1 in December. She is so precious and beautiful. She and her parents (Rose and Aaron) are currently living in Pennsylvania. Our son Doug quietly passed his third year out of the Marine Corps and is settled into life in Iowa. Mike, who lives with us, still enjoys the opportunities he has to work out at the camp property here in Chivilcoy. After we move to BA, we will see that he gets time to return and help out when he can.

As we prepare to meet the new challenges of off-site learning due to the restrictions of the pandemic, we are in need of the necessary equipment to address this need. Please email us for more information about these needs.

Thank you for praying for us. Thanks for good health, for progress in residency paperwork, and the move. Pray that we will receive the needed letter to complete residency, that Michael’s residency appointment will work out, and for a smooth transition to Buenos Aires.

Below, Michael is showing his work permit to work at the camp!

Thrilled to get his paperwork for working at the camp