Posted on January 10, 2015 by admin

Wests to Argentina January 2015

Candidates Dave and Patti West write: “In the Book of Acts the word “go” is used at least 21 times to describe the believers in works of ministry. They were going to the desert, going to their neighbors, going to the untouchables, going to the world leaders. They travelled the Mediterranean Theatre with the gospel in their breast.

“Going for us means that we will sometime in the near future attend language school to learn the Spanish language. Going for us means that we will eventually land in Argentina to help the GMSA start a school of ministry to train Argentines to do the going in their country and beyond. Going, for now, means making dozens of phone calls during the week. It means packing the van every weekend for a trip to an interested church and waiting patiently for the Lord to supply the means necessary to go to Argentina.”

View the Wests’s full update here.