Posted on February 1, 2018 by Matt Postiff

Wests To Argentina – March 20, 2018

Dear Ministry Partners,

“Whether therefore you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

In my mind I am seeing two backpack and computer case burdened air passengers making their way to an overseas flight to which they are 30 minutes past boarding time. In fact, they are the last passengers to board and they are practically starting to taxi as they store their stuff away.  They were us as we made a late arrival in Atlanta on our way to Buenos Aires. That mad rush was a good picture of our time since graduation from language school.

This past month has been an absolute flurry of activity. We arrived in Iowa just before Christmas and were able to spend Christmas with all of our children (a first in a few years). A couple of days afterwards we were on our way to Uruguay to run the children’s program during the annual missionaries’ conference in Paysandú. We added another week or so in Chivilcoy, Argentina, before returning to Iowa. The day after we arrived in Des Moines, we were on our way to Minnesota to pick up our son Mike. Two days later we made another trip to Minnesota for the memorial service of the father of one of our colleagues. A week back in Iowa (including moving into and out of our temporary quarters in Ankeny) and we headed to Arizona to begin our west coast farewell tour (more about that later). When we return to Iowa in February, we will square things away in our storage unit, and travel to Wisconsin for, Lord willing, a commissioning service.  A week or so later we will be making our last long drive in our van to Florida where we will stay before we move to Argentina. Tickets have been purchased and we three are scheduled to leave Miami on March 20, to begin our first term as missionaries to Argentina.

In the midst of all this hustle and bustle, we constantly remind ourselves that we are doing this as part of our service to the Lord. It is so easy to leave that important factor out of the mix as we make plans, fill out forms, load and unload our earthly possessions, print maps, make calls, etc. But we remind ourselves that we do all for the glory of God and do it all in a way that brings glory to God. The flurry of activities is simply a part of the process and, in our case, that process will end with our ministry of training young men and women for ministry in South America. How exciting is that? And, how exciting for you! Because of your prayer and financial support, we finally have a departure day on the calendar, and you have had a huge part in all of this. We thank the Lord for you and we look forward to sharing with you the great things the Lord has in store for us.

Pray with us to the Lord about our needs regarding what is called “outfit and passage” to Argentina. There are a lot of things needed to get to the field for ministry. We are praying that the Lord will help us finish here…so we can begin there!

Thank you for your partnership in this valuable ministry,
Dave, Patti and Michael West
2 Timothy 2:2