Posted on October 3, 2015 by admin

Where in the World are the Marshalls?


It has been a while since we featured Dathan and Allison Marshall on the Sentinel. The editor of this blog caught up with them in June and through their recent prayer letters.

Tell us about this past year. We have been on deputation for the past year. Deputation is a ministry of preaching the gospel, presenting God’s call for us to go to Argentina, encouraging and edifying pastors and church leadership, engaging with church body, worshiping with them, and seeking to build relationships for praying and financial partners for ministry.

How many churches have you been in? About 25.

What are your biggest challenges? Traveling and being away from our home church presents a challenge because we cannot stay as connected with our peers in the church since we are out at many other churches.

Why are you going to Argentina? Our goal as a mission is to glorify God by planting churches in or near Chivilcoy, Argentina. So our first goal is church planting, discipleship, and establishing the church. To do this, we plan to help train leaders in the BA area and around the Chivilcoy camp.

What are you doing right now? We have been in language school since August, and expect to be here until May 2016. We will study for two semesters at Rio Grande Bible Institute to learn as much as we can about the Spanish language.

What are your prayer requests? That we would do well in language school; for safe travel, for health (Dathan has type I juvenile diabetes). Our deputation will not stop while we are at language school because we are concerned for the salvation of souls here too. Pray also for meetings for 2016, more prayer partners, etc. Long days of travel may mean high blood sugar for Dathan who is insulin dependent. Please pray that we would be disciplined to study hard and that we would understand and grow in the Spanish language!

How have you changed this past year? We both have grown a lot from this the last year; we have grown closer to each other, we have a closer walk with God; we are learning to be content while in ministry now, instead of being impatient or anxious to be in Argentina. We have learned that ministry starts now, not in the future.

How are things in Argentina right now? The camp in Chivilcoy, Argentina, has had several major improvements since our April newsletter, including: gravel being laid on the camp dirt road to help access during rainy weather, new stainless steel kitchen appliances, cement poured around buildings, and the putting up of steel structures for the new cabin.

Pray with the Marshalls as they continue their journey of faith in world missions. Remember with them that God sent His Son into the world, not to condemn it, but to save it; and He is pleased to allow us to serve Him in the Great Commission. John 3:17 and Matthew 28:18-20.