Posted on July 30, 2021 by Tom Gibbons

Winter Break: The Work Continues

Dave & Patti West – Temperley, Argentina

The Lord has heard and answered your prayers and by His grace our first semester with the Instituto Centro Bíblico was completed on July 8. (Just a note, this Bible Institute has been in existence for a several years, but it is our first time working with it). We praise the Lord for a good group of students and for the men who taught the classes. In addition to the good students and fine teachers, I was greatly assisted by Patti’s administrative work. She is an excellent record keeper and walking tickler file making sure that I am staying on task and looking good!

The semester was challenging in that all the classes were taught online. This was a first for our Bible Institute. Three of the classes were taught via live Zoom and my class was recorded and posted to YouTube for the students to watch.  In my opinion, the virtual classroom is not the best way to teach a class, but if we did not use it, we would not have had any classes. It did seem to work well though. One major advantage was that we were able to offer classes outside of the Temperley area. We had six students from Bragado, 9 de Julio and Chivilcoy. This would not have been possible were we not using virtual classes. Administratively, we had to work out ways to receive payments, grade tests, turn in projects, etc. That was a bit of a problem. We will continue to work on this process as we move into the next semester.

In August we will, Lord willing, be offering five classes (Survey of the Old Testament II, Biblical Hebrew II, Hermeneutics, Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Life and Christian Family). We will continue teaching exclusively on the virtual format but hopefully with most of the “bugs” worked out. The semester starts on August 9, so please keep that date in mind when you pray for us.

Our theme verse for our ministry is 2 Tim 2:2, “[A]nd what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also”  This has been our prayer all through our ministry, that we might impart to faithful students that which others have learned and done in walking with and serving the Lord. It is for God’s glory and for the strength of the local church that we put our efforts forward. Your prayers and support continue to assist us and encourage us.

All things considered, we three are doing well. We are very weary with the restrictions and complications of doing ministry during a pandemic. But we are getting along. 

Dave preached this weekend at a church that is without a pastor.  While on break, he will also be preaching in the church we attend.  He has other preaching opportunities coming in the months ahead.
Patti was able to attend the monthly ladies’ meeting.  We all enjoy opportunities to visit.  Not only does it help us to improve in our receptive and expressive language skills, but it also helps us to build relationships.

Please Pray:

1. That the Lord would bring all our students back for the second semester and that we would see some new ones added.

2. That preparations for next semester would be fruitful.

3. That circumstances would allow us to make a short furlough during our summer break (Dec-Feb).

4. That God would clear the way through the muck, mire and confusion that is our immigration process.

5. Continued grace in acquiring skill with the language.

6. That we would walk faithfully and joyfully before the Lord in all circumstances.

Michael, David & Patti West