Posted on June 12, 2017 by Matt Postiff

Winter Projects at Lican Ray Camp

Dan and Elizabeth Thompson update us on the ongoing work at the camp in Lican Ray, Chile: Last year our major camp project was the much needed kitchen remodel. This year our big project is the bath house rebuild. The Nehemiah Retreat we held on camp in April took care of dismantling the old bathroom structure. In between winter raindrops, Danny and Cheo installed the new septic lines. Lord willing and weather permitting, we will soon be forming and pouring the new slab and the additional sidewalks. A new layout, pressure washable surfaces, and handicap access are some of the major changes we are making to the original bathroom design. The new expansion includes a nurse’s station and laundry facility.

It would be nice to focus on only one project each year, yet with aging facilities and the need to update, we feel like we need to move forward on many projects at one time.  Here are a few of those continuing projects that we keep chipping away at as time, weather, and funding permit.

Please ask God with us that He would grant us energy and steadfastness to see these projects through. For example: more stump removal for a soccer field, new radiator heating in our dining hall, completing of the recreation hall, and trenching and rewiring for the electrical system throughout the camp.

We are thankful for your prayers for our family and for the ministry at camp.  The kids are in the process of finishing their school year by the end of June.  Danny continues to preach and teach in two country churches on 2 Sundays a month.  Our winter months are filled with administrative camp duties like programming our summer camp weeks and retreats, finding speakers, and scheduling church camps.