Work and Survey Trips

Work and survey trips to the mission field provide a great opportunity to give first-hand exposure in missions to church leaders and members. You can go to help with a building project; or to survey the churches and Bible camps and institutes; or any combination. This kind of trip is about two weeks long.

As you seek God’s direction as to how you might participate in such a short-term mission experience, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to host you in our homes and our other places of ministry. You can visit our Fort Lauderdale international headquarters to learn more about the mission and to work on the properties that God has entrusted to us there. You can visit one or more of our South American fields.

Work Trips

As GMSA’s ministry continues to expand, church building projects, camp building, expansion and renovation projects at Bible institutes, and housing projects require hands-on work. Perhaps you have a vacation you would like to give to the Lord? Use it working for the Great Commission! You can get an idea of the scope of the work by looking at facilities needs.

Pre-arranged work trips happen most years, and sometimes multiple times in a year. This year the trips are in October through early November, 2017. Other trips can easily be arranged to fit your schedule. The flier shown at the right has all the details, and the GMSA calendar shows the dates relative to other mission meetings.

Survey Trips

Survey trips are designed to cover a lot of ground quickly to give pastors and other church leaders a comprehensive overview of the work of Gospel Mission of South America. The pastor can expect to visit all three countries, meet many of the missionaries, and also national pastors and families.

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Download the 2018 Work Trip Brochure. Here is another flier for the 2018 trips: