Posted on March 22, 2016 by admin

Work in Santiago and Camp Pirque, Chile

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We want to express our thanks for the Pennsylvania “work team” that recently served at Pirque Camp with missionary Dan Vallette. Above you can see a photo gallery of the projects that the team work on this last week.  A work team from Canada is to arrive this week to continue work at Camp Pirque and Camp Lican Ray.

The photos include pictures of work on the soccer field and irrigation system for the soccer field; the mission house; and other facilities at camp.

Dan writes, “We are looking forward to moving in to the ‘new’ house soon. There are still some details to work on, but the two bathrooms upstairs are finished, the kitchen should be done this week, next is the stairs and the doors in the back facing the patio.”

“We praise the Lord for the opportunity to host our first North American work trip from Hawk Mountain, PA.  It’s the first work trip this church has done outside the States.  We are very thankful for all that was accomplished during their stay here in Chile.  We are looking forward to more work teams coming down this year to further our vision for Christ-centered Bible camps.”