Posted on May 13, 2019 by Matt Postiff

You Can Lead a Horse to Water

In Chile there’s a proverb about “starting out like an English horse” (that is, with vim, vigor, and style) and “ending up like a Chilean horse” (that is—ahem—lame and sluggish. I didn’t make it up!)

We even philosophize about how our national soccer team “played better than ever, but lost the same as always.” SIGH…

That is not how we hope to finish 2019, but Punta Mira Bible Center is out of the gate of the year at a brisk canter, at least. By mid-March most of our regular ministry activities are well underway, including Sunday school with a full complement of classes, the women’s group, men’s classes, the couples’ club, and Counter Current (kids’ club) soon to follow.

Honestly, we aren’t sure how we could accommodate more ministries in the building or within the time slots available. With 12 ladies at this morning’s Bible study, some were sitting on the stairs. Sunday morning attendance is around 65-70 people.

However, we’re convinced the Christian life isn’t all about numbers or activities, for any of us. We don’t just want to start the year well, we want to finish well—and we want to model godly lives, habits, and thought patterns in the meantime. Some of the mistaken attitudes we see and hear convince us of the crucial importance of communicating to our people how to think critically and biblically in this world. Please pray for growth, maturity, faithfulness, and thirst for the Word. Isn’t there an English saying that “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him think—oops, drink!”