Posted on May 18, 2021 by Matt Postiff

Zeta, a Dog that Opens Doors

Missionaries Sergio and Andrea Duarte in Uruguay send the following update, written from Andrea’s perspective:

Two years ago our family moved from a smaller town to a city of a million and a half residents. One of the greatest struggles I faced was learning to connect to city people. You see, in smaller communities, almost every “passer-byer” says good morning, or nods their head when crossing by; running almost any errand you most likely encounter someone you know, and conversations start fairly easy; and so on. Very quickly I found out that idiosyncrasies of the big city are very different: most of the time people are occupied “doing their own thing,” running to where they need to go with an almost always present sense of mistrust, and most everyone is immersed in their “own world”.

I would cry and ask the Lord to show me a way to make contact with people around me, with my neighbors who live in gated homes as well as with those that I see going by my house everyday. How was I going to share the Gospel with anyone if individuals hardly acknowledge someone standing beside them?

God started to show me an “unconventional tool” I had right in my home: our dog Zeta. Every morning I let the dog out in our front yard. I began to notice that people stop to pet and talk to him; Zeta responds back with much love, and consequently we have “regulars” who drop by every day. So…he is a tool the Lord is giving me to start conversations with people!!!! Now, when I let the dog out I keep him company, and very regularly he “opens doors” to chat and connect with people. I have had several opportunities to share Christ with strangers right at my front gate through Zeta than any other way.

Several mornings a week the dog and I walk at a nearby park, and yes! … you guessed it! He has opened many doors there as well. As soon as I get home, I quickly write down the names of people I talked to and their dog’s name to remember next time I see them. My last conversation was with a lady who is “an atheist by choice” (that’s how she labeled herself), and we had a very open discussion on my belief in God, creator of the universe and His sovereignty.

I continue to learn that God is not “boxed” in certain ways or molds . If our heart is willing to share the Gospel, He provides “creative ways” to aid us in our journey. For me … it is our dog Zeta. What “unconventional tool” do you have at hand that can aid you in your witnessing?

Please pray for:

  • Salvation of souls in this needy country of Uruguay.
  • FEBU students and teachers as they finish first semester of classes in June. For more new students. Continue to ask Him for more laborers.
  • Our church: to be established, and for pastor Marcelo and family.
  • Churches in need of leadership who are facing discouragement.
  • A young convert Sergio and Martin are discipling.
  • Martin and Melanie – personal walk with God, strength and boldness to share their faith as they attend secular school and university. Patricia finished her first year of grad school at BJU. Provision of a summer job. Direction for her future.
  • Godly wisdom.
  • Sergio’s dad battling cancer.

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Sergio, Andrea and kids